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I used to think I was alone in this. Most of my life, I would set these arbitrary self-imposed deadlines for myself. Here's the kicker: I wouldn't bother to tell myself until I was already too late.

The deadlines had come and gone; it was over.

The narrator in my head would look at the situation as... "You are late. You are behind. You are a failure." Over and over and over again. I'd beat myself up for feeling behind, for being behind, for not living up to my potential, not being good enough, not worthy.

And sometimes a kind and well-meaning friend would say, "Gosh, you're so hard on yourself. You'd never be this hard on anyone else." And I'd agree, laugh it off, justify, and have my excuses ready. "I'm hard on myself because I know what I'm capable of. I know what I can expect from myself. I just have to work harder."

No wonder I didn't feel good about myself and was so unhappy.

It's no wonder that I hit a plateau. I wanted, demanded, and expected so much from myself.

Honestly, I sometimes believed it was better to not even try because [insert all the excuses and mean self-talk].

See how the "mind" or voices in your head can create a life of misery and suffering?

I used to think I was the only one!

Join the club. We all do it.

It may have a different lingo, flavor, or style.

There's a whole lot of us out there, doing ourselves this disservice.

Doing the WORLD this disservice.

Because instead of getting the best of us, we are giving out crumbs.

Think of yourself on your absolute best days. You wake up with passion and confidence, so motivated to do the thing. You bring your absolute best self to all you do. You're generous and kind in how you think about yourself. The magic of you shines through with every word, every action.

Compare this to how you show up when you're mean to yourself, when you tell yourself that you're behind, when you believe you aren't worthy or good enough. You are concealing your magical abilities, dimming your light.

We need all of us to shine.

What if we release ourselves from the constraints of the self-imposed negative self-talk of hatred? What if we trust that we are exactly where we're supposed to be? That we are exactly WHO we're supposed to be? What would that do for the world? What would that do for YOU?

If you need some help finding yourself, I am here to show you the path.

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