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Everyone has goals they want to achieve or things they want to improve or a habit they want to break/create. What's yours?

As a Happiness Coach, my focus is helping individuals balance all the things including: life, love, work, health & fitness.

Are you happy?
More often than not, the answer is no.
What Does Happiness Mean to You?
As a Happiness Coach, I help you define what happiness is and help you achieve it.

Finding balance in you life is part of what will align happiness…
work/career/business, family, love/romance, health, social/friends, finances, fun/recreation, personal development/learning/growth, environment, spirituality.

Working with clients now for years, I have found the source of many of their unhappiness to be in one or more of these categories:
*Unrealistic expectations
*Comparing ourselves to others
*Lack of gratitude for what they have
*Focusing on negative thoughts
*No free time to relax
*Worrying about what others think
*Only talking but not taking any action
*Negative inner dialogue with themselves
*Hard on self

Together let’s create balance in your life, love, work, health & fitness.

I am passionate about assisting individuals to reach their goals, overcoming challenges/obstacles, and watching their lives change, plus the lives of those around them.

Through coaching with me, you will learn a lot about yourself, discover strengths you never knew you had, and gain more balance and overall happiness in your life. Coaching is like an art, not a recipe. It blocks quality time(much-needed time) to generate awareness of how to focus on your strengths and make the changes you sincerely want to accomplish through a structured, guided conversation.

As your coach, I’ll work with you to achieve your goals one step at a time, and I work with any budget. Dreams come in all sizes and can constantly be changing; that’s what I love about being part of people’s journey; it’s ever-evolving! I have a diverse background and skill set.

I work with clients not only in creating good habits of all kinds:

*Life coaching
*Relationship (finding love or improving current situation)
*Positive Mindset
*Sleep management
*Stress/anxiety management
*Time management
*Improved Communication
*Increased confidence
*Goal setting
*Overcoming obstacles/barriers
*Becoming a better listener
*A better team leader
*Greater focus
*Improved effectiveness
*Fat loss
*Health and Lifestyle skills
*Habit breaking
*Intuitive eating
*Stabilizing blood sugars (type 2 diabetes or prediabetic)
*Balancing family and work
*Creating a happy life

What’s your biggest challenge right now?

Common Questions and my answers: 

1. Can you describe your ideal client? Anyone who is seeking to achieve a goal or wanting to improve a habit or break a habit.   

2. Do you use a particular process to help your clients succeed? Each client is unique and different; together, we start with their goals, values, and desired outcome. Then, when working with someone to achieve what they have set out to achieve, I hold space to listen to them deeply, ask powerful questions and utilize tools, resources, and different techniques and modalities I know that work cultivating a plan and holding them accountable. Without this the chances of success is 2%, with a team, a community, and support it’s 90% if not more! 

3. What kind of feedback do you typically receive from your clients? Typically shock or surprise, most have never received coaching ever before and are amazed what happens during a session, the magic really is in the space that I hold, truly deeply listening and echoing back what they may not realize they are saying or doing because they are too close to the situation or problem. That’s what makes it fun and exciting, almost like a present being opened. 

4. Tell us about your background and how you started coaching I started my journey way back 11 years ago, I was in a rut, didn’t appear that way from the outside, super successful career, family, fancy cars, vacations, fame, fortune, but I wasn’t happy. I knew something had to change, and through hiring coaches, trainers and understanding my own health(physically and mentally), I realized my life was way out of balance. We are all a work in progress, right? I still receive coaching to this day and hire trainers off and on, but we all require some help or guidance in every season of our lives to really dial into what we want and reach goals. Creating a space of time each week or month or whatever suits your needs to deeply think about the next move and have someone hold you accountable. We need a team, community, or tribe (whatever you want to call it) people who push you to be the best version of yourself. 

“I have struggled with weight my whole life. In the past 30+ years, I have tried every diet known to man and lost and gained the same 80 lbs over and over. Last Oct my husband and I traveled to Europe and it was so uncomfortable traveling, additionally, I struggled with walking around, getting to see the things I wanted to see and feeling like I was holding others back. I was in pain, embarrassed and saddened by much of the experience. When I came home I made a decision to change my way of life. No more diets, no more fads. I reached out to Katherine and began this journey. I wasn’t given a diet, I was educated. Katherine has taught me how my body works, how to change how I look at food and exercise. She has encouraged me to take small steps and make changes that will last. In the last six months, I have lost 30 pounds and she has cheered me on the whole way. I don’t feel like I am suffering, I’m not doing anything weird or extreme and while I do miss some of my old favorites, there is a built-in way to address that. While I don’t always like what she has to say, the truth is she is right, but more importantly, she is kind, patient and encouraging. I doubt that I could have come this far without her help and accountability, but I don’t doubt for a minute that what I have learned and changed in my life is healthy, sustainable and I feel better every day. If you are looking to change your life for the better Katherine will be there for you. She is available, responsive, encouraging and helpful.”

Sandra H.

Health Coaching

A health coach co-creates and collaborates with their client’s new healthy habits to implement lifestyle changes to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Through coaching calls, a health coach supports a client as they set goals, define values & strengths, build on motivations to encourage the development of sustainable healthy behaviors and attitudes.

Life Coaching

One of the main benefits of working with a life coach is gaining a fresh, informed perspective on problems you are facing. Too often, the challenges we are dealing with are far too close to us to see that we are getting in our own way. Or in some cases, the situation cannot be discussed with family or friends. In addition to offering new insight into challenges, a life coach can help you to zero in on negative patterns that could be standing in the way of your success, provide a framework to work from, set up an accountability system, and set you forward to achieving more of what you want in life.

relationship coaching  

Individuals struggling to find true love or a long, meaningful partnership with someone can seek help from a relationship coach. Coaching is a great tool to help when struggling with their past or current relationships. Through coaching, there’s a beautiful process that unfolds to discover possible patterns, understanding more about self-worth, self-love, values, and what is deeply desired along with wanting to avoid.

Power UP! Paradigm: 

“What you focus on improves”

My passion is coaching individuals across the US on how to obtain excellent health. My teaching style is practical, supporting each client to create an attainable goal, reveal their deepest values, build on their strengths, and get in alignment with their primary motivation.


No one should take on a journey alone; we all need attainable goals, reliable support, accountability, resources, and guidance to continue improving and developing steady habits that last long term.


I specialize in balancing all of life’s demands (work/business/career, family, fun, love, health, fitness, and more.. ), regulating blood sugar levels, weight loss, reducing high blood pressure, lowering harmful cholesterol levels, and much more.

There are sure to be fears, concerns, and obstacles that I can help navigate and overcome in any journey.

Stay focused on the process rather than the end result.. I found out there is no end, just phases, each phase you’ll discover new goals, new levels, new interests, and a new you.

If you keep putting junk in your body you’ll never receive different results.

People were created to be loved; things were created to be used. The reason the world is in chaos is because things are being used for love while people are being used.

Stay focused on the process rather than the end result.. I found out there is no end, just phases, each phase you’ll discover new goals, new levels, new interests, and a new you.


“Where to begin…. so 30 days ago I started a Dr. mandated 30-day gut protocol that cut all grains, starchy vegetables, fruits, all sugar (real or fake) out of my diet. The beginning was rough. Now, 30 days later my body feels and looks less swollen and I am down 10 lbs. For the first time in a very long time, I feel amazing!!!! The support I received from Katherine and this group was amazing. THANK YOU!!!!”

- Christine D.

“Before I started working with Katherine, I didn’t have much purpose, goals, or visions for my life. I explained to her my challenges and struggles of having Diabetes and not having much energy. Katherine is so inspiring and motivating.

Katherine challenged me to ask myself better questions. I am on a much better path now to improve my life. My goals haven’t been reached yet because Katherine has not been working with me for very long, but I know that I am on my way there by making improvements.
My life has totally shifted. I am eating much healthier now and cutting back on the diet sodas. Katherine has motivated me to make changes to a much healthier lifestyle as I would highly recommend Katherine’s program to anybody.
- Danny R.

“The first photo popped up on my timeline today. I was in Alaska at Chena Hot Springs. I considered myself in shape. I was 25 pounds heavier, happy but energy level not so much. Today’s picture more energy and very happy, healthy glad to be alive. It’s due to healthy eating and regular exercise. I thank Katherine and this group for helping me achieve my daily goals. This is definitely a lifestyle and not a diet! “

Loretta L.

Awesome! Kathrine is a great listener and helps me focus on positive change. Plus she sends follow up emails for me to review after our coaching sessions!

Shelby C.

Katherine is a wonderful coach. She’s attentive and supportive and holds a space for you to help you identify the problem and help grow out of it. She does it in a very simple yet very effective way. Would definitely recommend her.

Niketa K.



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