Meet Katherine Hood,
A Happiness Coach!

When I was younger, I was labeled a "not good enough".
That label stuck with me for a longgg time and seemed to continuously show up well into my adult life.
▶ I would go to clubs, groups, classes etc and feel different, misunderstood.
▶ I would see failures or mistakes and think, "see you're not good enough"
▶ In classes, programs or things I got involved in I would think I was in the wrong place.
▶ Grades I would get were mediocre and would see in that letter proof I was again not good enough.
▶ Expectations, minimum requirements would be met but still would feel like I didn't do enough.
All proof I was gathering that backed up the juvenile feeling and my father telling me "You're not good enough."
I used to mentally beat myself up over this not enough-ism. Creating this awful habit of thought there was something wrong with me. (I could see proof that, so it must mean it's true)
What was really wrong was that label "I am not good enough" was causing a lot of internal conflict and was keeping me stuck. You see labels, diagnosis, name calling, all these things box us in keeping us small. Our brain will search for proof to back up any label and then we start to believe it.
This limiting belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
IF you become aware of this limitation and are willing to drop the labels, the diagnosis, the name calling and just be you, you will start to figure out who you really are. You will realize that there's nothing wrong with you. You are uniquely beautiful, amazing and start to live your life how you want to live your life from the inside out.
For me it's reminding myself that I am good enough, I am a work in progress and with each day I am learning, growing and evolving. Breaking free from the chains of one persons negative statement.
I no longer feel weird, different or misunderstood because I know now where all my feelings come from, they come from my thinking.



I love fashion, bodybuilding, modeling, and anything outdoors (I lived in Alaska for 30 years), and I have loads of hobbies (ever-changing).

I can talk about mindset, health, fitness (I am a personal trainer, too), relationships, success (retired at age 35), being an empty nester, and being a woman in a male-dominated industry for 22 years (how to survive).

A happiness coach is your thinking partner. We can define what happiness means to you and work together to achieve it—asking profound questions in a safe, judgment-free zone that will lead to analyzing your patterns, cycles, thoughts, beliefs, stories, and behaviors limiting you or keeping you stuck.

Think of me as your thinking partner; asking deep questions will lead to analyzing your patterns, cycles, thoughts, beliefs, stories, and behaviors limiting you or keeping you stuck, offering a new perspective and seeing a new way forward to achieving your goals, once and for all.
  • *Feel happier, more at ease, and free.
  • *Stop struggling with life; there's no need.
  • *Be more resilient, and present and connected with those around you.
  • *Deepen your Understanding of how your mind, thoughts, and consciousness works

Why do we need a thinking partner? 

Because we, as human beings, are oblivious to our way of thinking and behavior. We consider our view as the truth and not as one perspective.

Certifications and Training 

  • Master Certified Life Coach Institute MCLC,
  • Certified Life Coach Institute (ICF Accredited)
  • American Council on Exercise Health Coach (NCCA) Certified
  • American Council on Exercise Personal Training Certification (NCCA) Certified
  • (DPP)Diabetes Prevention Program, Certified, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
  • Mastery Level Life and Health Coach Certification Health Coach Institute
  • Motivational interviewing skills & training
  • Relationship Certified, Coach Elephant
  • PQ Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach trained.
  • Practitioner of the 3 Principles
  • Stress management CISM trained (critical incident stress management)
  • ICISF Member
  • Red Cross Adult First Aid/CPR/AED

Other studies and resources used

  • Neuroscience
  • Positive Psychology
  • Stoicism
  • ICF Coaching and ethics
  • Institute of Coaching Membership
  • How the mind, thought, consciousness and brain work and how to understand it in a way to train it to work for us rather than against us.

Fun Facts about me:

  • I lived in Alaska 30 years.
  • Most of my childhood we had an outhouse for a bathroom (Alaska).
  • I competitively dog mushed for 6 years.
  • One Thanksgiving day while training my dogs and others, got lost and thought I was going to freeze to death, search parties created.. I finally made it back and had severe frost bite.
  • I can build custom fishing poles, prefer fly rods, still can. (used to get paid really well to do this)
  • I have been on three reality shows, Real Housewives of Orange County, Drive in Diners and Dives, and Alaska State Troopers (TV Series) I will let your imagination run wild with this combo.
  • Competed in shooting Competitions US and Canada.
  • Not afraid of Bears but terrified of Cougars.
  • Loves fly fishing.
  • Competed in bodybuilding for 11 years, and has a Natural Pro Card
  • Have panned for gold and been successful.
  • Drove the Alcan and survived.
  • I am in the 40 Below Zero Club, photos taken wearing very little at 40 below zero Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • I have had 2 back surgeries.
  • I have been a nude model.
  • I was an insurance agent two decades and never been in a car accident.
  • I am a model in American Curves Magazine.
  • I have owned a fax machine, and beeper.
  • I have a blankey that goes everywhere with me.
  • I filled out an application to be on the show Survivor, but didn't send it in for my daughters asked me not too (I still want to do this)
  • I don't believe in big foot or UFO's.
  • I grew up as an only child, later to discover I have two half-sisters maybe more?
  • When I was a little girl I wanted to be a country singer but I can't sing a tune.
  • I got our 32 foot motorhome stuck in a giant mud puddle for 2 days WAY outside cell service, got it out after lots of digging.

I am not a mentor, counselor, or therapist, we won't dig into your past, we focus on where you are now and how to move you forward.

Let's create balance in your life, love, work, health & fitness.

Power Up Coach

Jamie P.

"Katherine has been a HUGE inspiration. She has also showed up, been on time, takes time to reflect on what you have said after your session. Which is on her own time you don't pay for this. Unbelievable. She goes the extra mile. I have been super happy I found her. If you want deal with your stuff head on and have someone that is super supportive and doesn't make you feel insecure.... this is your girl. She has made me feel so much better in this short time I have worked with her and I know as time goes I will continue to grow and heal. She gives you a different perspective on life which I believe we all need. She has a wonderful Spirit. Just love her!"


My Hero's Journey...

In January 2012, I see myself standing in the front yard of my custom-built farmhouse in Alaska. I had everything - fancy cars, sports cars, bonuses, traveling somewhere every single month, a bank account full, a beautiful family, a husband, meeting and exceeding goals - everything I strive for, I met and exceeded. I thought these things would bring me happiness.

From the outside, and on paper, it appeared that I had everything and my life seemed perfect. As I stood there in the front yard, I reflected on the fact that I felt like it was one of the lowest points in my life. Why is it that I have everything I dreamed of, everything that society tells us we must obtain and achieve, and yet I feel so terrible? My next thought was, well, maybe if I get my body in really good shape, then I'll be happy. So the very next day, I joined the most expensive gym, hired a coach, hired a trainer, and set out to change my body because in my mind, that would finally be the missing piece to my happiness.

18 months later, I was standing on a stage at a bodybuilding competition, holding the first-place trophy. Was I happy? Perhaps I felt joy and excitement for 48 hours, but I still felt like a shell of a person. In the years ahead, I retired, sold my company, sold my commercial property, and liquidated most of my possessions because moving to another place (the grass is greener) must be the solution to my happiness.

Certainly, moving provided some benefits. No longer being chained to a desk had its advantages. However, the belief that I would no longer be stressed out was false. At this point in my life, I could make even the simplest things seem stressful. I realized that stress is purely a thought created by the mind, but I didn't know how to change it. I thought it was a character flaw, there must be something wrong with me.

Because of my years of bodybuilding and the photos of my journey on all my social media platforms, I was contacted by many people to help them lose weight and guide them to look the way I did. I wanted to transform their bodies and hold them accountable to their unique goals. I knew that I needed to become certified as a coach and get certified as a personal trainer before helping people in this way, so I set out to get certified as a health coach and trainer. It was easy to find people who wanted my support.

For a few years, I worked as a health coach and even proceeded to be a diabetes prevention health coach, a for a year. My journey led me to wanting to have a deeper understanding of how mindset plays a tremendous role in habits. I became incredibly curious about how the mind thinks and how consciousness can either ignite your heart or sabotage you at every turn.

This is where I delved deep into life coaching and relationship coaching. This step enables me to work with anyone who seeks change in their life, whether it be in their health, life, relationships, habit creation, or habit change. I wanted to be able to help anyone who finds themselves in an unhappy place and doesn't understand how to break free from the cycles and patterns that keep them stuck in a rut.

I personally find so much purpose and meaning in serving people who find themselves in the very place that I found myself back in 2012: lost, confused, frustrated, alone, and not good enough.

It All Begins with Your Mindset

In what area do you need more happiness?

Power Up Coach

Marc T.

"Katherine is the epitome of what success looks like in a life coach. She brings passion and insight to every session with the ability to inspire improvement in others. I wholeheartedly recommend her and especially for such a small price for an immense return on investment. Do yourself a favor and set up an appointment with her today!"

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