Meet Katherine Hood,
Your Happiness Coach!

I love fashion, bodybuilding, modeling, anything outdoors (I lived in Alaska for 30 years), and I have loads of hobbies (ever-changing).

I can talk mindset, health, fitness (I am a personal trainer too), relationships, success (retired at age 35), being an empty nester, and being a woman in a male-dominated industry for 22 years (how to survive).

A happiness coach is your thinking partner. Asking profound questions in a safe, judgment-free zone that will lead to analyzing your patterns, cycles, thoughts, beliefs, stories, and behaviors limiting you or keeping you stuck.

Why do we need a thinking partner? Because we, as human beings, are oblivious to our way of thinking and behavior. We consider our view as the truth and not as one perspective.

Power Up Coach

Jamie P.

"Katherine has been a HUGE inspiration. She has also showed up, been on time, takes time to reflect on what you have said after your session. Which is on her own time you don't pay for this. Unbelievable. She goes the extra mile. I have been super happy I found her. If you want deal with your stuff head on and have someone that is super supportive and doesn't make you feel insecure.... this is your girl. She has made me feel so much better in this short time I have worked with her and I know as time goes I will continue to grow and heal. She gives you a different perspective on life which I believe we all need. She has a wonderful Spirit. Just love her!"


Katherine's Journey

Katherine has been on a long, bumpy health and wellness journey that has earned her the mental toughness award if there were such a thing.

Many years as an insurance agent Katherine was under a tremendous amount of pressure and stress. This in conjunction with a sedentary lifestyle took a toll on her health and body.  She desired a long, balanced, and fulfilling life; In order to achieve that, she knew she needed to change.

Predisposed to genetic markers for diabetes, she was insulin-dependent before gaining control of her health and blood sugar levels.  The long hours turned to years stressed out, sitting at a computer caused tremendous deterioration of her core and back resulting in two back surgeries.

She’s no stranger to “starting over”, feeling alone, scared, and frightened of what “normal” will be going forward.

With each challenge, she faced it head-on; Armed with courage, determination, and encouragement from her family.

As Katherine proved it could be done, she inspired others to improve their health alongside her.

This is what led her to seek out the deeper learning & credentials to become a Certified, Personal Trainer, Health, & Life Coach.  Wanting to be able to specialize in preventing type 2 diabetes she sought out a proven program certification the CDC’s Group Diabetes Prevention Program.

Ultimately, she’s learned that happiness to her means focusing on the things that matter. Her health, family, then career: Creating the perfect balance.

It All Begins with Your Mindset

In what area do you need more happiness?

Power Up Coach

Marc T.

"Katherine is the epitome of what success looks like in a life coach. She brings passion and insight to every session with the ability to inspire improvement in others. I wholeheartedly recommend her and especially for such a small price for an immense return on investment. Do yourself a favor and set up an appointment with her today!"

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