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Now is the Time to Get Healthy

As a personal trainer and bodybuilder, with multiple health certifications at a mastery level, health and wellness comes first in feeling great and having the energy to excel at life.

In order to achieve good health, whatever that means for you, we focus on your mental state to break through the barriers that have kept my clients in the yo-yo dieting or cycles that seem to never result in what they desire.

Partner with me to find a new perspective on exercise, fitness, dieting, health, life, and more. I will help wake you up to your true potential and see what is really possible. I'll work with you to achieve your goals and help you create healthy habits one step at a time.

Become the best version of yourself today!

“The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.”
~ Unknown

Health Coaching - Fitness & Exercise - Katherine Hood

What's Holding You Back?

Being healthy involves how we nourish not only our physical body, but also our mind. I help clients achieve their health and wellness goals through a supportive coaching relationship. This helps clients create positive and lasting change.

What area is your focus...

Habit breaking

Health & lifestyle skills

Weight loss

Nutrition & intuitive eating

Stabilizing blood sugars (type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetic)


Sleep / stress / anxiety management


Creating a happy life

Hire a Health Coach - Positive Fitness Change - Katherine Hood

If you feel stuck in bad patterns, wanting to make a change, but something is holding you back, then you are in the right place.

Katherine the Health Coach

I'm a personal trainer and bodybuilder with a passion to help eager, willing individuals live a healthy life. I love talking fashion, modeling, health, fitness, and anything outdoors.

I’m passionate about inspiring others to improve their health. As your coach, I'll work with you to achieve your health goals one step at a time.

Through coaching with me, you will learn a lot about yourself, discover strengths you never knew you had, and gain more balance and overall happiness in your life as well. I’m here to help you have a healthier life experience.

Coaching Sessions

body building Katherine Hood

Are you ready to create the best, healthiest, and balanced life? Do you want to look and feel younger, and be excited to get out of bed each day? Let's have a powerful conversation and create a plan!

I offer individual health coaching and meet you where you are at. Every coaching session is unique and personalized to you. Coaching is an extremely intimate service and confidentiality is guaranteed. If you are ready to explore whether we could be a good fit for health coaching let’s jump on a 15-minute call to discuss how I can help you.

Power Up Coach

Travis G.

Since Katherine Hood became my health coach she has been supportive and helpful and I have improved my overall health since she gave me all the tools needed to help me achieve my goals! I will highly recommend her to anyone who is willing to make positive healthy changes under her help and guidance!

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