One-on-One Coaching

Individual Sessions

As a happiness coach, I help you define what happiness means for you and help you achieve it.

With one-on-one coaching over the phone, we break down any issue, challenge, obstacles, stuck-ness, goal, or whatever is on top of your mind. I offer support, enabling you to be heard and see things from a different perspective. Finding balance in your life is part of what will align your happiness.

You are not broken! Coaching doesn't label people; it focuses on solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

I can help you see a different way of showing up powerfully in the world, one that shows you that true power lies within you. In seeing this, you can transform from the “inside out” and start living with a deeper sense of freedom and creativity, leading to the transformation you’ve always wanted.

Reflective Understanding

Coaching allows you to go deeper!

Reflection is a type of thinking associated with deep thought aimed at achieving a better understanding. (deep thought is not overthinking)
  • Making sense of an experience or situation, gaining a better understanding of your unique reality, including looking at it from various viewpoints, perspectives, and opinions.
  • Standing back - dedicated time and space in consistent coaching sessions gives you a supportive and 'safe' space to look at something from a more objective viewpoint (perhaps a problem you're trying to solve or an obstacle you want to overcome or start or stop a habit)
  • Seeking to understand and gain Clarity - help you get Clarity on matters that are important to you. Making sense of mental clutter. Gaining a better sense of direction forward.
Reflecting in the session
Answering questions directly, staying on topic. Questions that have you stop, think reflect, weigh up options, come to decisions, and so on. This will be supported through the trusting relationship that builds as we work together. It's essential to be in a quiet place with no distractions. A deep heart-to-heart conversation will ensure you get the most significant value and see things at deeper levels.

​Reflecting in the coaching session involves being vulnerable and willing to go deep! Perhaps expressing thoughts and feelings, you don't typically discuss with anyone else.

Reflecting beyond the session
In your coaching session, you learned new things about yourself and gained new ideas for achieving your desired outcome. But the learning can (and should) continue beyond the session. You'll get an email from me post-session, read it, retain it and read it over again days, weeks, and months later. I promise as you grow, you'll see and read new things with new perspectives as you continue your journey.

Where do you do your best thinking?
For some, it's in the shower or bath. Some it's on walks or hikes. I have clients tell me it's while driving. Another popular way is through writing or journaling. Create space, and block time to reflect on what we discuss in coaching sessions and how you like to digest or process information.

Reading about how to ride a bike is entirely different from physically getting on a bike and trying repeatedly. Learning how to ride a bike takes learning a skill and practice, lots of practice. Coaching isn't any different. Take one key concept each coaching session and apply it to your life, see it, feel it and experience it in real-time. I have loads of stories, but you must create your own stories, and see the understandings I use in sessions unfold in your own life. Don't wait; start right away.

The art of learning, applying and reflecting.

  • Knowing that it is ok to feel your feelings rather than suppress them.
  • Seeing where your feelings come from and how you can choose a different feeling.
  • Knowing that you can feel your feelings and not immediately act on them.
  • Knowing and doing are entirely different things, of course.
First came the knowledge, learn from coaching, and see in your real life how you have the power to think, feel and act just as you want. Then, deeply understand what causes suffering via thought and what you do and don't have control over.

This is a lifelong journey. With each layer, you'll experience a new level of sense of control, freedom, and peace.

We don't go straight from knowledge to being able to do it.

First, you know it logically. Then you identify it in hindsight after experiencing something in your life that didn't go as planned. There are excellent lessons in reflection.

  • What caused the feelings? 
  • What do I need to set myself up for success next time?
The next time comes, perhaps that didn't work, but we get closer.

Eventually, you get close enough to identify what's happening in the moment, even if you can't control it. You keep practicing and working on it. It's never a case of "next time I won't lose it" or "next time I will react differently."

Reflection leads to understanding, and understanding leads to change.

The more you practice, the more you can hold these ideas in your head. "I'm angry because I'm scared to ask for what I need."
Maybe discuss these needs with the people that matter. You may need to practice walking away. You may need to practice seeing things from the other person's point of view. It's not their fault; they're scared, too, etc. Depends on the specifics.

Eventually, the day comes when you can identify the feelings as they happen and change your course of action. Ultimately, you are able to rationalize things more quickly or pause and go through whatever steps you've built up before you react. The day comes when you see the situation before it starts unfolding, and you can diffuse it before and feel in control.
Easy? No. But unrealistic? Of course not. It takes a lot of practice, a lot of self-reflection, and a lot of coaching guidance. The work is worth doing. 

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”
~ Tom Landry


Work with Katherine

Think of me as your thinking partner; asking deep questions that will lead you to analyze your patterns, cycles, thoughts, beliefs, stories, and behaviors limiting you or keeping you stuck. find a new perspective and see a new way forward to achieving your goals, once and for all.

Feel happier, more at ease, and less stressed.

Stop struggling with life; there's no need!

Be more resilient, and present connected with those around you.

Deepen your understanding of how your mind works.

Discover how to cope with what happens in your life.

Do you have a persistent challenge that you haven’t been able to solve alone? Are you struggling with work/life balance? Or do you simply want a better quality of life than you are currently enjoying? These are some of the reasons that clients have hired me. Coaching is about letting go of the unhelpful ideas we have acquired and uncovering the solutions.


Ways to get the most out of your coaching:

  • Come to each session prepared with one topic to work on. 
  • Think of coaching as learning to play a musical instrument or becoming a professional athlete; it takes time, consistency, and practice.
  • Have an ongoing list of things you'd like coaching on. (Goals, habits, barriers, challenges)
  • Be open-minded, teachable, curious, and seek to understand.
  • Driving a car is very different than someone telling you how to drive a car. Be willing to apply one principle in your real life after each session. 
  • At the end of each session, reflect on what you learned. (I email notes)
  • Stay consistent with your sessions, booking them in advance; common is weekly or bi-weekly.(what your budget can handle)
  • Focus on one priority each session, continue working on one topic, and progress to the next.
  • Set a realistic goal to work on one at a time.
  • Be teachable, willing to learn, try, and reflect. 
  • Look to gain ONE insight each session, put it into practice, test it out, and reflect on how it went between sessions (email or chat).
  • Be patient. One coaching session is never enough. It takes consistency, trusting the process, and bringing up any resistance in your next session (or email or chat).
  • Come to each session fully open without distraction and listen with a learning mindset. We can't think and listen at the same time.
  • Be willing to be vulnerable, and apply what you learn in real life.
  • Ultimately creating a healthy lifestyle, mindset, habits, routines, and responses are perishable. 
  • Coaching is like building muscle; it requires consistency, increased progression, and someone to help you see your blind spots. 
  • Coaching means keeping your skills sharp, expanding your consciousness, awareness, and Understanding, and elevating your life experience. 
  • Memorization comes without Understanding. Coaching is not learned at an intellectual level. So there's no memorization, no exam to pass, and it's the application in your own life. You'll get one takeaway in each session(if you are open to it), apply it to your life, see it unfold, and reflect on what you saw via email. 
  • Change is "simple"; I didn't say "easy." Any change is a long game, not a "quick fix."

Coaching with Katherine

Ready to uncover solutions and explore coaching?

Personalized Sessions

30 or 60-minute Coaching Sessions

Packages range from $45-$80/session

Every coaching session is unique and personalized, no coaching session is alike, not pre-programmed or scripted. Coaching is an extremely intimate service and confidentiality is guaranteed. If you are ready to explore whether we could be a good fit for coaching let’s jump on a 15-minute call to ask me anything.

Power Up Coach

Della B.

I've had a few sessions with Katherine and have already learned new ways to look at and approach things. I look forward to working with her more! Couldn't recommend it enough!

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