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What is motivation?

Really really get down to the real meaning of the word. It is just a word or is it? Can it be bought? Does it come in a potion, lotion, a pill or a wrap?

Wikipedia: Motivation is an internal state that propels individuals to engage in goal-directed behavior.

Merriam-Webster: The meaning of MOTIVATED is provided with a motive : having an incentive or a strong desire to do well or succeed in some pursuit. Motivation definition: the act or an instance of motivating, or providing with a reason to act in a certain way.

I like the Wikipedia version though all in a way point to the very definition I believe to be true.

Motivation is a complex and powerful emotion that plays a significant role in driving us towards our goals and aspirations. It is a force that originates from within us, pushing us to overcome challenges and reach new levels of achievement. Our thoughts serve as the source of all our emotions, including motivation. As thinking and feeling beings, we have the capacity to generate and harness this powerful force to propel us towards success.

It is important not to overcomplicate the concept of motivation.

Often, we may feel the need to seek external sources such as material possessions, supplements, programs, or courses in order to feel motivated. However, the truth is that the key to unlocking our motivation lies within ourselves. We can feel really motivated by using our own inner strengths to help us reach our goals. Think about it, you don't need to be "motivated" to do the things that you truly love, enjoy, find fascinating. When you are truly passionate about something, it comes naturally to you. You find joy and fulfillment in pursuing your passions, and that is what truly matters. It's about following your heart and doing what brings you happiness, regardless of whether you feel motivated or not. By framing what it is that you want to do in alignment with your deepest values, interests and let your passion drive you towards achieving your goals nothing will stop you!

Remember, motivation may come and go, but your love for what you do will always remain constant.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that our feelings, including motivation, come from external sources. We are taught to seek motivation in a program, a book, a gym membership, or through supplements and classes. This leaves us constantly searching for something outside of ourselves to ignite that fire within us. Often disappointed after trying things and still feeling down or worse, thinking that there's something wrong with you. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with you!

There are two types of creators in the world: Those who create things and those who find reasons why they can't. The difference is the thoughts, beliefs and stories they believe in. If something is truly important to you, you will just do it. No thinking, no pushing, no force, no agenda, you just do it. This could be 18 minutes a day! Taking small steps towards anything in this manner bit by bit, 18 minutes a day leads up to 100 hours a year! If let's say you wanted to improve anything, and set aside 100 hours to devote to improving it, you will certainly improve.

The truth is, motivation is not something that can be found outside of ourselves. It is a feeling that is deeply rooted within us, waiting to be unleashed. It is a spark that lies dormant until we choose to tap into it and harness its power.

I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them create the foundation to work from in establishing a successful outcome. Working with clients, I help them deeply understand how the brain works. Because if you're unaware, your brain will derail your goals and sabotage you within weeks of starting if you're not consciously aware.

The basis of your goals or what you want to achieve also comes from two different feelings. The first is the most common one I see that fails: motives driven by fear, scarcity, urgency, heaviness, comparison, burden, obligation, feeling like a huge task, franticness, desperation, shame, lack, pain, confinement, limitation, external pressure, avoiding failure, meeting societal expectations, and the need for immediate resolution. This isn't sustainable and is often the reason for yo-yo dieting or falling off track, and reverting to old ways, old habits, and patterns.

The second step takes being intentional and forethought: Focusing on the person you want to become, make it obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying. When creating a plan, it produces positive feelings because the basis is created by how you want to feel. Examples include feeling deeply moved, inspired, expansive; it feels like a calling, it feels like a powerful force of life within wanting to be expressed outward into the physical world. It's formed from the inside out, creating a new identity. For example, if you're not wanting to write a book, you're wanting to become a writer; if you're not wanting to run a marathon, you are wanting to become a runner. It's building evidence and proof that you are who you say you are by setting small goals and tokens of trust to yourself that you are who you say you are.

We only do what we believe we can do.

If you’re not following through with what you say you want, your stories, thoughts and beliefs are stopping you (these may be conscious or non-conscious). We ignore things that we don’t believe is possible. We only believe what we can do, by what we have done before. This is how our brain works. The brain will only focus on what’s safe and been done safely before. If you only do what you believe you can do and what you have done before, that’s limiting your ability for growth, you're stuck in Groundhog day. This is why people repeat their habits, fall back to old patterns. They find their wheel and keep repeating history. It's being comfortable in the old.

So the next time you find yourself searching for motivation, remember that it is not something you need to seek outside of yourself. It is already within you, just waiting to be ignited. Embrace this truth and let your inner motivation guide you towards success.

If you're skeptical, or want to know how to access your inner fire, that's what coaching can offer.

Keep your promises to yourself, because the self-talk that follows is destructive if you don't!

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