You are NOT your thoughts

You are not your thoughts. 

It's important to remember that you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are transient, they come and go like passing clouds in the sky. 

Instead of resisting thoughts, try to simply observe them without attachment or judgment. 

Notice how they arise and pass away, one after another. Like billboards on a busy interstate. One after another after another. 

By being curious and aware of how your thoughts come and go, you can learn to let go of thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you. Just like everything else in life, thoughts, feelings, and sensations are temporary and will eventually fade away if you allow them to. 

By rejecting and pushing thoughts away, you give them greater power over you. 

The power of rooted fear of the thought is like when an eager, happy puppy comes along and grabs the leg of your pants. You try to use your foot to push the puppy away, but the puppy thinks "hey, good game, this is fun!" and wants to play some more. You wanted the puppy to go away, but inadvertently you encouraged the puppy by trying to push it away. If you had just stayed still, the puppy would have lost interest and gone elsewhere.

By resisting, fighting, ignoring and rejecting thoughts you give them energy and they come back harder. 

Notice that a thought arises, if you cling to it, it grows, if you resist it, it persists. 

When you see thought for what it really is you become resilient.

Thoughts continue to pop up one after another. After one thought comes up, as each one is seen, notice it gently. Another one pops up as the last one passes by. Be curious and aware of that process on small things, and that in you which you become aware of and become at peace with, fades.

Same with feelings, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, bodily sensations. Everything comes and goes. 

When we focus on a “problem”, it will grow, build up steam, we innocently reinforce it and we humans start to believe something is causing us harm or pain externally. Blaming our situation, circumstances, other people and other externals. Then we become attached to the stories, thoughts and beliefs we manufacture and create in our head.

Let come what comes, let go what goes.

When you begin doing this, you may feel intense thinking at first because built-up energy is being released. But if you stop trying to control everything and just go with the flow, you will feel more at peace with what is happening in the moment. This will help reduce suffering and struggle.

By practicing acceptance and letting go, you can find peace and harmony in the present moment. I know your ego is screaming “that’s sounds hard” sure It may be challenging at first, especially if you've been used to controlling and resisting your thoughts, but with time and practice, you can learn to release the grip of your mind and experience a sense of freedom and ease. 

This is learning how to live your life from the inside out. 

Remember, the key is to let come what comes and let go what goes, without getting caught up in the endless cycle of attachment and resistance.

Become aware of your internal dialogue. It creates your future.


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