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The Principle of the Mind

Universal Mind is the formless intelligence behind all life and the energy of all things. It powers our thoughts, from our beating hearts, the moon, the sun, the universe, and everything in between.

Mind is the infinite space from which our thought and consciousness, our very existence, comes from. It’s the source of creation and life that religions speak of and has many names in many different cultures.

Universal Mind is ever-present, ever-constant, and unchangeable. It ensures that life continues, that winter follows autumn, and night follows day. By comparison, our own personal mind is constantly changing and busy. When we manage to slow down the chatter of our personal minds, moments of seemingly divine inspiration or intuition occur.

This connection to more profound deeper wisdom comes from the Universal Mind, to which we’re all connected. This is how true transformational change occurs through moments of profound insight and realization.

The Principle of Consciousness

Consciousness is our awareness of life. It gives us our innate capacity to experience and understand life as conscious, feeling beings. It helps us interpret the kind of experience we’re having, whether good or bad, helpful or unhelpful.

Without consciousness, we wouldn’t be able to make sense of our thinking. It would simply be a stream of unintelligible thoughts passing unnoticed through our minds. Consciousness is what allows us to make sense of it all.

While our own personal perception of consciousness, or levels of consciousness, may change, rising and falling with our thoughts and moods - as a spiritual principle, consciousness is a constant awareness, pure, unwavering, and unaffected by wherever we perceive ourselves to be at the time.

The Principle of Thought

Thought is the ultimate creative power. It enables us to take the pure creative energy of the Universal Mind and transform it into ideas and images, and feelings. Thought is how we create our own unique experience of reality.

Our own personal thinking, like our individual mind and perception of consciousness, is an ever-changing, transient thing. But the Principle of Thought is much bigger than the stream of thoughts constantly passing through our minds.

Every feeling we experience comes via a thought we have had. We think something, which in turn makes us feel something. And every time our thought changes, our feeling changes accordingly. Meaning our life experience always comes from within, created from our minds.

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