“What diets do you recommend and how do you stay motivated?”

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Quote: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Einstein

Adding to the quote:

In order to truly make a lasting change in your life, it is important to understand that the key to solving problems lies in shifting our perspectives and thought patterns. Our brain, that archaic brain is the software that activates all the things we do and don't do. If you don't understand how it works, and learn to program it to work for you, it will sabotage you every time. When it comes to losing weight and transforming your life, it is essential to take a deep and honest look at all aspects of yourself - your thoughts, your stories, your beliefs, your habits, and your relationship with both yourself and food. By examining these areas with sincerity and openness, you can begin to uncover the root causes of your struggles and make meaningful changes that will lead to lasting transformation. It is only by being willing to challenge our existing ways of thinking and being that we can truly break free from old patterns and create a new, healthier way of living.

Submitted Question:

“So I'm fat. I've known for a bit, just turned 30.
Used to be quite active at the gym 5 times a week. I am 5'8 about 250 pounds. I would like to get to a solid 165 with more muscle.
The biggest problem I have is alcohol and not getting enough activity. What diets do you recommend and how do you stay motivated?
Thanks for any advice.

My Response if we were in a coaching setting. Although without being able to ask questions, I may assume or use scenarios to fill in the gaps.

Sounds like you're wanting to make some changes in your life, congratulations, that takes courage!

What's preventing you from cutting back alcohol and increasing activity a bit more?

A diet won’t help, in fact most people jump onto fad diets on and off and continue over time gaining more weight than what they started out with. 

This is why when working with my clients I have them create a coachable question, it’s one to give me the framework to work within along with understanding where they want to go by the end of a session, the answers sometimes, a lot of the time is in the question. 

What’s the alcohol solving?  There’s something there under the surface. If you are open and curious you know. If you’re super duper honest and real there’s more beneath that surface too. 

There’s a million different things it can solve. This is unique to you, some common ones are to relax, calm nerves, calm anxiety, calm stress, social pressure, help them relax, it feels good, a whole host of coping or physiological dependence. 

Often people reach out to me to lose weight but there’s many other things that need addressing first, no amount of workout plans, potions, lotions and activity will drop the excess body weight. 

Understanding is the key to changing your life. 

Understanding your body, your mind, your thoughts, your brain and how energy is used and stored is super important and valuable. Understanding how muscle is created and the things that inhibit muscle growth is also very important. Way more complex than what I can put in a podcast.

Motivation, a pretty popular word, I wish I had a $1 for every time a client used that word. What does motivation mean to you? The meaning varies as well person to person, and what it looks like for them. For me to answer that portion of the question I would need to know more.  

In short, motivation is a feeling. Again UNDERSTANDING is the key to a whole new way of being. 

If you know how your feelings are created, and you know how to regulate your emotions and feelings, how to create and cultivate the ones you want to feel, you’ll do more of what you value and what’s important to you. 

What is the biggest distraction preventing you from changing your life, your habits and getting that 165 pound body with more muscle? Getting vulnerable and honest with yourself will benefit you in a great way.  

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.- Victor Frankl

What if your goal was smaller, so small that you’re just focused on one week at a time?

Often a lofty goal of wanting to lose 85 pounds and put on muscle has a feeling of difficulty attached to it. This for most people will take 2 years if not more. Any change is ideal to set a goal, a specific goal for sure, it’s the habits that are the gateway to success.  Habits that are done daily. 

Lastly, I would like to emphasize the importance of refraining from self-criticism and negative self-talk.

It is crucial to avoid labeling ourselves with derogatory names as this only serves to undermine our self-confidence and motivation. Instead of being negative, choose to see the positives, the things you learn and how much you have grown and learned along the way. Naturally, this will help you stay motivated and reach your goals. Being kind to ourselves can prevent burnout and stop us from feeling like we always fail. Self-love and compassion are important for staying on track and making progress towards our dreams.

People come to me when they’re in pain, but they will not change until they hit enough pain.


I wish you all the best. 

Please share this with anyone you believe would benefit from the insights. Post a comment, I read and reply to them all. Thank you in advance!

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