How to Stop Snacking

How do I stop snacking when I feel like I can’t stop? It’s purely a thought loop you’re stuck in. Gotta break the habitual pattern. A thought loop is a thought followed by a good feeling. We, humans, are drawn to what feels good and move away from things that […]

Love Yourself - Hire a Life Coach for Support

The Only Validation you Need is from Yourself.

Seeking validation is similar to thinking you need someone to tell you who you are or needing someone to tell you your worth. TELL YOURSELF! Your relationship with yourself is the longest relationship you’ll ever have; make it the best one. We are tribal beings. We need, crave, and desire […]

Stop Story Telling hire a Life Coach

The Stories we Make Up

We tell ourselves stories all the time, and that’s part of being funny little humans. We all have our own unique realities and different levels of awareness in our own lives, people around us, our own selves, and what society expects from us. So we create stories in our minds […]

Stop Overthinking - Hire a Life Coach

Work with a Life Coach to Stop Overthinking

“I can’t stop overthinking.” Most individuals I begin to work with in my coaching practice don’t feel heard, feel alone, understood, seen, or wanted. Simply put, these individuals are in the thick of a large thought storm. Perhaps one of these sounds familiar: “What’s wrong with me?” “Am I different?” […]

Expectations - Coaching

Practicing on Principals

The Principle of the Mind Universal Mind is the formless intelligence behind all life and the energy of all things. It powers our thoughts, from our beating hearts, the moon, the sun, the universe, and everything in between. Mind is the infinite space from which our thought and consciousness, our […]

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